Sunday, January 11, 2015

Selfie Sunday (and why gym selfies aren't necessarily a bad thing)

Our generation (and especially the millennial generation) is obsessed with taking pictures. And why not? It's so much easier to take pictures of our every day lives now than it ever has been, and now we don't have to wait an hour at the photo shop to get our pictures developed. I, for one, love this modern development! I take pictures all the time... and receive an expected frequent eye rolling from friends and colleagues. It's ok. I don't mind... pictures are just fun to me!

If you've been following my Facebook, Twitter, or blog for a while, you've probably noticed a marked increase in the number of pictures on there that have included yours truly. I used to hate pictures of myself. Heck, I still do. And for years I did whatever I could to avoid having my picture taken. It's not a vanity thing either way... I just would rather look at pictures of my friends and family or pictures of places I've been then see the same face that I see in the mirror every day. But I met someone last year who encouraged me to take pictures that included pictures of myself, so I started posting them occasionally. And when I committed to a fitness challenge in December, I decided to memorialize the progress with a daily gym selfie. 

Now, I've been lucky that my friends have applauded this effort. They haven't judged me for being vain, or teased me for being one of "those girls" that takes pictures of herself to prove to others that she works out. (Editors Note: I'm totally taking pictures to prove I'm working out... but mostly to prove it to myself, not others). A lot of people have jumped on the gym selfie bandwagon. There are literally thousands of accounts on Instagram dedicated to those pictures alone! Sadly, a lot of those people don't get the same respect I have. Some people accuse them of being vain, and others think that it's just silly. I don't think it's silly... I think it's inspiring! Sure, I'm annoying the 10 friends I have that actually pay attention to my silly posts on social media... but for me, it's motivating. And, as odd as this sounds, it's kind of fun! wrote a great article about why gym selfies can be helpful, and gave a few etiquette tips - you totally should jump over and read it here. Sadly, the above gym selfie is the last one I got to take. I've been fighting a stupid bug (first strep and flu, now congestion and a cold... ugh!) and haven't worked out since the day before New Year's Eve. But when I return? You bet I'll be taking these silly gym selfies. Even if it's just for me. It's a great way for me to keep myself accountable, and I like that I can review them to note subtle differences in my face and body as I make progress (this is way better than a stupid number on a scale). 

So tell me... what are your gym habits? How do you keep yourself accountable? And how do you track your progress? I'd love to hear from you! 



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