Saturday, January 24, 2015

RIPPED IN 30 (OR 60)

I was sitting on the sofa last weekend flipping through the current issue of Oxygen magazine.  In case you don't know, Oxygen is a women's fitness/bodybuilding magazine.  It's full of weight lifting exercises, recipes, and the other 3/4 of the magazine seems to be advertisements for body building supplements (lame).  I've been a subscriber for almost 10 years.  I usually flip the pages, read the success stories and then toss it aside for the latest edition of US Weekly/In Touch/People/etc.  So this weekend I started thinking.  "Hey! Maybe I should do some of the exercises in the magazine!!!"

I am the cardio queen.  I love to run or ride the elliptical all day long.  It occurred to me that, based on results, this approach does not work.  I dusted off my Jillian Michaels DVDs and my hand weights.  I'm on day 6 of Ripped in 30.  Thirty days is not long, but for an impatient person like me it feels like forever.  I'm really hoping that it works.  I'm still running as I have some races coming up.  So it'll probably be more like Ripped in 60, but if it works out, I stand to gain a lot of time back in my life.  Thirty minutes at home is a lot better than spending 75 commuting to and using the gym.  Thirty minutes might actually be sustainable.  I will still have to do cardio because I'm not going to give up my daily ice cream or stop drinking beer/wine/mojitos. However, if you are willing to stick to the included diet plan, I can see how you would get some good results.

Stay tuned for before and afters.  One of my running partners has also suggested the following HIIT website. Twelve minute workout? Yes, please!  There's no reason to ever buy a workout DVD again!


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