Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Going Streaking!

Yes, friends - it's true. I have decided to go streaking... and I'm taking my niece with me! Ha!

Ok, ok... it's not that kind of streaking! What kind of auntie do you think I am? No, my niece and I have committed to a 30 day running/walking streak along with a thousand of our internet buddies, courtesy of Pink Cupcake Girl (aka Jenn Davis). The rules? You must run, walk, or jog at least one mile every single mile for 30 days. Yes, 30 days straight. No, you can't bank days and no, you can't make them up. No excuses. Period. 

As I mentioned earlier this summer, my niece and I have decided to complete 100 miles of running this summer (in June and July). This 30 day streak seemed to fall within that perfectly, so we added it to our plate. It's been great so far! It's given my niece and me a reason to be active every single day, and we've used it as an excuse to find creative ways to hit our mile+ target each day.

While we mostly get our miles done in the neighborhood, my niece and I do take opportunities to take our show on the road every now and then too. My niece and I had already decided we wanted to spend a lot of time hiking this summer, so this has fit well into our new routine (hiking is basically walking at an incline). A couple of Saturdays ago, for example, we used our daily goal to hike up to Raven's Landing at the Wind Wolves Preserve in Kern County!

Some days have been easier than others. When temperatures climbed past the 100 degree mark last week, it took a lot of dedication for the two of us to hit the pavement and get our steps in. I'm glad my niece has been here though - she keeps me accountable, and she makes it so much more fun!

Today was our 14th day, so we are just one day shy of the halfway point. I wish I could say that we are running faster or farther than when we started, but we aren't. I'm not sure why. Part of it has to be laziness (although I don't feel lazy), and I'm sure part of it has to do with the heat (although it's been cooler this week). Whatever it is, I hope we get after it for the second half of this challenge. Well, I hope that I get after it anyway. I have another 10K in less than a month, and I'd really like to beat my Tinkerbell 10K time :) 

For those of you still with us for the 100 miles of running summer challenge, we hit mile 26 today! If we stay at the current pace, we will easily meet the 100 mile goal. I'd really like to beat it though - here's hoping! Hope that all of you have a happy, healthy week!



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