Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good Morning, Miles!

"You only get what the day gives you." -- unknown

Hello, friends. Tomorrow is the first day of our "100 Miles of Running" summer challenge. Are you ready? Did you write it down? Did you lace up your shoes? Are you ready? Are you really? :)

My niece is back for another four week visit this summer, and I talked her into reviving our "Morning Mile" routine while she is here. I meant to write about this last summer, but I never got around to it. Quite frankly, it's hard to keep up with my writing with my work schedule as it is, and having her here makes it even harder to find the time. Alas, I found the time to write this today so here it is!

So, why a Morning Mile? When Kaitlyn visited last summer, she came across an article about a school program with the same name . Dubbed "The Morning Mile," the program was initiated by fitness expert, Fitz Koehler, as a way to encourage kids across the country to incorporate fitness into their morning routines.  The program has flourished, and can now be found in over 200 schools across the country. The purpose? To combat obesity while providing children with an outlet for their energy so they can focus remaining energy on learning throughout the day. 

While reading about the program, I remembered my running routine back in college and how much it would help me focus during the day. While I always enjoyed running in the evening, it was the days that I also ran in the morning that seemed to make me feel the best. Why? Well, waking up with a run (or walk) is a great way to quick-start your metabolism. It helps your body wake up naturally, making you more alert and more productive earlier in the day. And if you run in the morning, you're not as apt to find an excuse to cancel plans to run later in the day. Winning all around! With this in mind, I talked to Kaitlyn and we decided to take the "Morning Mile" challenge. During her three week stay last summer, we completed our Morning Mile routine for about 80% of her stay! Woot!

When Kaitlyn was planning her annual visit this year, she asked if we would again do our Morning Mile routine. I enthusiastically said yes, and added her to our "100 Miles of Running" summer challenge on Facebook. Today was her first full day with me and, true to our word, we did our Morning Mile bright and early with the sunrise. I was so proud of her. She just got out of school on Friday, and she still managed to go to bed early and rise with me and the sun. I really hope we can hit 100% compliance with our commitment this summer. It will be good for both of us!

It really gives me a lot of joy to have my niece here, and to see her so interested in fitness. It also keeps me accountable - I know she looks up to me, so my lazy days mean lazy days for her too. If you care to follow our fitness adventures this summer, I'll try to update this blog and our Occasionally Fit Instagram page. I encourage you to consider committing to a summer fitness routine too. It doesn't have to be a Morning Mile, but getting up (and getting moving) should be something that we all aspire to achieve! Have a healthy, happy week, y'all!



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