Monday, February 8, 2016

Occasionally... Lazy

"People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals - that is, goals that do not inspire them." -- Tony Robbins

See that face? That face is the face of a girl that is not impressed... with herself. Sure, she was happy to be all self-congratulatory a few weeks ago, writing happy post-race blog recaps about two little races. (Ok, ok... the half marathon was an accomplishment worth celebrating, but that 10K? I barely showed up.) But that girl up there? She has been a lazy sloth ever since that 10K she posted about, and it's about time she live up to it.

The path to laziness started early: After months of preparation for the Star Wars Half Marathon, I told myself that I deserved a break. I had ran over 100 miles in a six week period, and nearly worn out the shoes I bought in early December. Doesn't that call for a break? Well... no. I had a 10K race just one week later, and my lack of training showed! I ran just once during that week between races, and my legs yelled at me for it. I finished, but it was lackluster to say the least. My laziness over the course of one week nearly killed me a week later. 

You'd think this poor performance would motivate me to pick up my training, right? Well... you'd think that. I started working out with a personal trainer the Monday after my 10K. Now, this has been great - I know my trainer very well, and I work out with her and a friend (buddy training) so it's a little more motivating than training on my own. But while those once a week meetings have gone well (we've only gone twice so far), I don't keep up with the intensity for the rest of the week and barely do any running at all. In fact, I only ran 3 miles the first week, and only a mile (!!!) last week. 

Oh, how I wish I wasn't living up to our blog title! Even as I finished my workout tonight, I still couldn't muster the energy to do a short run around the block tonight. Why? I have no idea. Where is my motivation hiding? I have more races planned in 2016 (at least two half marathons, and potentially several 10Ks) - why am I not running? 

I do not want this to be the end of my second running spell - I really like running, and I'd like to continue. I think the only thing that keeps me motivated, however, is a desire to meet some sort of fitness goal. While I do have those half marathons later this year, they're not for a very long time. I'm going to look for a few races between now and then to motivate me to continue (and increase) my training. Will having more goals work? We'll see... but it's worth a shot, right?

How are your exercises going so far in 2016? Still motivated? What's keeping you there? While I'm glad to be lifting weights more in 2016, I already miss my near daily runs. If you have any other ideas or tricks to keep me motivated, I'd love to hear them. Until next time...




  1. I don't think your lazy. I think you sound burnt out! I ran once in the two weeks after Star Wars, thinking I would be fine for a 10k... Omg it was so bad. But I think it helps to have a next fun race to look forward to. Poperly spaced. I was lucky and have dark side training and the Indy Mini training for me to jump back into. Really found the spool back to a minimal mileage, and having a race with time constraints help me get some focus back. Those 30 min runs are more important than most of us think. My legs felt like lead going into the 10k. Maybe find a local 10k that's sooner, and do a 10k training plan like 10-15 weeks out? i will say after using both the 3-4 day a week training plans like the ones Jeff Galloway puts out for Disney and 5 day other ones, the less running days has been better for my speed and motivation. Gets ya running, not as much of a commitment so you can plan in lifting more. Also My new trainer is kicking my ass with lifting. I know I need it. But I really need to focus on my diet. I need a live in dietician. That would Be nice and motivating right?!? -your fellow instagrammer k8tpurdue

    1. I downloaded the Galloway plan, but felt like 30 minutes was too little for me. Maybe I need to give it another chance :) My diet also needs some work. I know a dietician, but his diet is almost as bad as mine. Maybe I need to just have a good hard look at my diet and start owning up to it again. Thanks for commenting. It makes me feel less alone in this! -- Becky