Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

I did it.  I finally bit the bullet and signed up for another half marathon.  Apparently the weather gods got wind of this and decided to turn the mild winter that we've been having into the frigid igloo from hell.  Last week we were gifted with an amazing surprise.  Well, maybe I was the only one who was surprised.  I'm talking about the arrival of Snowzilla (Snowmaggedon? Snowpocalypse? I forget which one.)!!!  Yes, the weatherman predicted the storm, but they also said we were getting Sandy and Joaquin and a bunch of other things that, fortunately for us, amounted to little more than a light mist in the air.  Imagine my surprise upon waking up to 30 plus inches of snow!  Now as a native-ish New Mexican, this was the greatest snowfall that I have ever witnessed.   Shortly thereafter, I witnessed something even more awe inspiring:  moms who will not be stopped!

The view up my street after the storm

 The ladies in my running club are insane and they take it as a compliment.  I'm starting to think that they take extreme weather circumstances as a personal challenge.  They certainly would not miss out on a training day just because of a little snow.  I used to be surprised to see pics of ladies running at 4,5,6 AM in 10, 15 or 20 degree weather.  Now it's just something of a new normal.  These badasses were doing treadmill long runs, videos, shoveling, P90X and whatever they could get their hands on to maintain their stamina, endurance, training schedules, and sanity.  Not to be outdone, I got out and shoveled for several hours and clawed my way out of the house to the gym.  You must get out there and you must take a selfie because if it's not posted on FB my friend, then it didn't really happen (I guess that answers the age old question about the tree falling in the woods).   

Digging out!
A week and a half later, the trails are melted (kind of) and not a whole lot safer.  Here's hoping that the 2016 Groundhog's Day prophecy holds for once.  How will you navigate your training setbacks?  What are you doing today to make sure that you get to where you want to go tomorrow, next week, and throughout the year? Let us know.  Until then, happy trails (or treadmills)!


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