Sunday, January 3, 2016

Join Us on Facebook!

While I know I'm supposed to be too old to enjoy social media, I've found it to be a remarkable tool. As I mentioned in previous posts, I've found a wonderful online fitness community using Instagram, and experienced a great sense of community by challenging my friends and family to join me in running challenges on my birthday and before Thanksgiving. While talking to a couple of friends over the holidays, some encouraged me to add this blog as a page on Facebook... so here we are! 

So what can you find if you follow us here? Well, for the handful of you that actually follow this blog, it will give you a way to hear of new posts outside of signing up via blogroll or subscribing via email. We will also use the page to invite people to join us for virtual events like the aforementioned Thankful Thirty Trot or our upcoming Run the Year challenge. We will also use it to share helpful fitness and health links and articles that you may enjoy. Don't worry - we're not trying to sell you anything. That's not our focus... our goal is just to get as many of our friends and family to enjoy healthier and happier lifestyles!

Join us! Head over to FB and "Like" our page at Hope to see you there! I'll try to write a real post later this week. Until then, have a great week!



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